4.9 stars | 104 reviews
4.9 stars | 104 reviews
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Company: Blind Ambition
Contact: Dale DiGiovenale
Phone: 513-232-9503
Email: callblindambition@yahoo.com  


Company: A Step Above Flooring
Contact: Marty Dickhaus
Phone: 513-889-3915
Email: mdickhaus@astepabovefloors.com


Company: Complete Masonry Solutions
Contact: Anthony Parks
Mobile Phone: 513-519-4071
Email: parkstony@icloud.com

Company: Brickworks
Contact: Tom Jemison
Phone: 513-617-4148
Email: brickworkscincy10@gmail.com


Contact: Gloria & Angel Aparicio
Gloria's Phone: 513-284-3790
Angel's Phone: 513-284-1746


Company: Apex Electric
: John Hoofnel
Work Phone: 513-788-2739
Mobile Phone: 513-371-6525
Email: hoofnelj@gmail.com 

Estate Sales

Company: H & S Estate Sales
Contact: Robert Hill
Phone: 859-468-9468

General Contractor

Company: RDI Services
Contact: Richard Izzi
Phone: 513-348-0104
Email: rdiservices@gmail.com


Company: Mable & Granite
Contact: Joe Pesce
Phone: 513-295-2938
Email: pescemarbleandgranite@yahoo.com


Company: Finishing Touches
Contact: Joe Sauter
Work Phone: 513-232-8161
Mobile Phone: 513-460-7364

Home Inspection

Company: Good Eye Inspections
Contact: Todd Engle
Phone: 859-630-4659
Email: toddthehomeinspector@gmail.com

Company: National Property Inspections
Name: Greg Eckert
Phone: 513-503-4277
Email: greg@buckeyenpi.com

Company: Pillar to Post
Contact: Tom Capuano
Phone: 513-771-6689
Email: tom.capuano@pillartopost.com

Company: ABI Home Inspection (Licensed KY)
Phone: 513-917-6002

Hvac Service

Company: That Guy Heating & Cooling
Contact: Jason Ormes
Phone: 513-616-5855
Email: jormes@frontier.com

Mold Remediation

Company: Tri-Weh
Contact: Eric Cooper
Phone: 513-231-6653 

Company: Icon Environmental
Contact: Jeremy Clayton
Phone: 513-396-6653
Email: clayton@iconenvironmental.net 


Company: Icon Environmental
Contact: Jeremy Clayton
Phone: 513-396-6653
Email: clayton@iconenvironmental.net 

Contact: Jim Kendrick
Phone: 513-933-9051

Contact: Joe Shelton
Business Phone: 513-793-7264
Mobile Phone: 513-232-9131 

Company: Ferguson Moving & Storage
Phone: 513-271-9200 

Company: University Movers
Contact: Mark
Phone: 513-860-6700 


Contact: Chuck Parker
Phone: 513-505-7689


Contact: One Tom Plumber
Phone: 866-758-6237


Contact: Bob Smith
Phone: 513-254-5382
Email: radonsplte@aol.com

Company: Yeti Restoration
Phone: 513-781-7559


Company: DHR & SON / (Tudor)
Phone: 513-200-3860
Email: dhrandson@gmail.com


Company: Design To Market
Contact: Jo Potvin  
Phone: 513-265-0952
Email: jpotvin@designtomarket.com 

Company: Wise Home Staging
Contact: 513-300-5154
Email: info@wisehomestaging.com

Structural Engineer

Contact: Del Ogle
Business Phone: 513-961-0648
Mobile Phone: 513-403-2827 

Termite Treatment

Company: First Choice Pest Control
Contact: Chris Snow
Business Phone: 513-753-5945
Mobile Phone: 513-518-9220
Email: chris@firstchoicepestcontrol.com

Company: Maximum Termite
Contact: Glenn Neal
Business Phone: 513-734-9700
Mobile Phone: 513-309-9566
Email: maximumtermite@yahoo.com

Tree Services

Contact: Cole Aufderheide
Work Phone: 513-231-0079
Mobile Phone: 513-218-0718


Company: Pickens Glass
Phone: 513-931-4432

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